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Over a ten year period through dialogue, collaboration and a school visitation system the DentEd Thematic Network Projects promoted convergence towards acceptable standards of dental and stomatological education, training and service to the ultimate benefit of the community. The objectives of Task Forces established during the third phase of the project DentEd III (2004-2007) are set out below.

  • To develop an agreed profile of the European dentist.
  • To develop an agreed approach on competences and curriculum structure.
  • To develop an agreed approach to the implementation of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).
  • To convene a Global Congress on dental education in 2007.
  • To ensure the continuation of the work of the DentEd TNP by merging its activities with those of ADEE.

Since September 2007 these Taskforces are facilitated by ADEE.

Task Force I
Profile and Competences for the Graduating European Dentist


  • To tune dental education through the establishment of an agreed profile for the dentist based on learning units, generic and professional competences.
  • To seek agreement from European dental schools to this profile through strategic alliances within academic dentistry and the involvement of national competent organisations.

Task Force II
Curriculum Structure, Content, Learning & Assessment in European Undergraduate Dental Education


  • To develop an agreed approach to the application of a modularised curriculum, including ECTS, that should not impose a single curriculum or single educational approach.

Following consultation with European dental schools the documents published in 2005 have been revised and approved by the General Assembly of ADEE.

Task Force III
Benchmarking & Quality Assurance


  • To develop a quality assurance model for the European curricula by identifying and agreeing to indicators for benchmarking.

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Task Force IV
Global Congress on Dental Education


  • To establish a global network in dental education in collaboration with all continental dental education associations and IFDEA.


Please click to visit the Global Network on Dental Education.

The Global Congress was held in Dublin from the 6-8th of September 2007.

The final reports from the Global Congress on Dental Education and web-only appendices are available, in addition to reports from past Congresses.

Task Force VI
Students Group


  • To maximise the relationship between ADEE and EDSA and to obtain student input and feedback on the profile and competences document, the ECTS and curriculum structure document, and to participate in Taskforce III - Benchmarking and Quality Assurance.