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ADEE Annual Meeting: Oslo, Norway

Dental education in a changing society

22-24 August 2018

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Oslo, Norway 2018

Oslo University


Professor Pål Barkvoll
Professor Pål Barkvoll
Dean, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Oslo
University of Oslo seal

Professor Pål Barkvoll, Dean, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Oslo welcomes ADEE members to attend the 2018 Annual Meeting at the University of Oslo, Norway.

“We welcome you to Oslo, the capital and most populous city in Norway. It combines both nature and culture, located at the head of the Oslo Fjord and surrounded by the forested hills of Nordmarka. Visiting Oslo you can discover rock carvings created in the Stone Age, Medieval Oslo with a first town-like settlement appearing around the year 1000 AD in today’s Gamlebyen. Oslo offers a variety of sights, art with highlights as the Munch museum and contemporary architecture as the Oslo Opera.”

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The ADEE Annual Meeting promotes best practice in dental education