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ADEE Annual Conference: Vilnius, Lithuania

Learning together to improve oral health and quality of life

23-25 August 2017

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Vilnius, Lithuania 2017

Vilnius University


Prof Dr Vytaute Peciuliene
Prof Dr Vytaute Peciuliene
Chair Local Organising Committee
Vilnius University

Chair Prof Dr Vytaute Peciuliene of the Local Organising Committee welcomes ADEE members to attend the 2017 Annual Conference at the Vilnius University, Lithuania.

“It is with great pleasure we invite you to take part in the 43rd Annual Meeting of ADEE on 23-25 August 2017 in Vilnius, Lithuania. It is truly the premier meeting where science and academic leadership meet to share ideas and practice for advancing methods in teaching, learning, improvement of communication skills and cooperation between the different specialists involved in dental practice.”

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The ADEE Annual Conference promotes best practice in Dental Education