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ADEE 2021: Invited Speaker Jacques Marescaux

Wednesday, 7th July 2021 - 17:00 to 18:00
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60 minutes

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Jacques Marescaux
Imaging, robotics and artificial intelligence: the 3 weapons to achieve an intelligent surgery
Session synopsis: 
  • For Jacques Marescaux, technological progress applied to minimally invasive surgery will inevitably lead to the concept of automated surgery, mimicking the evolution of aeronautics and more recently the automotive industry. In this session Prof Marescaux explore three joint developments to corroborate this vision: developments within virtual 3D imaging, robotics, and artificial intelligence.

When integrated into the robotic system, artificial intelligence will then make it possible to manage the surgical act, for instance stopping any procedure that goes beyond validated standards, and the surgical manoeuvre subsequently becomes semi-automatic before being totally autonomous. The surgical revolution is underway - surgical science and science fiction are coming together. How will this impact us in the dental field.

Learning Outcomes: 

Delegates will:

  1. Gain insight into the ever changing role played by technologies in dental education 
  2. Appreciate the importance of networking to advance innovation 
  3. Understand the transferability of technologies to an education setting 


Video - delegate access only: 
17:00 Welcome to the Session Prof Ilze Akota
17:05 Welcome to Strasbourg and Speaker Introduction
Prof Agnès Bloch-Zupen
17:10 Prof Jacques Marescaux: Imaging, robotics and artificial intelligence: the 3 weapons to achieve an intelligent surgery
17:30 Discussion on implications on oral health professionals education
17:45 This month's highlights outlined
Prof Julia Davies ADEE treasurer
17:55 Close

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